March 28, 2011


after much deliberation, the boy and i have finally decided where we will be spending the next three years of our life. this was an extremely hard decision for us and we put a lot of time and thought into making this choice. finally it just came down to what felt the best. so, drumroll please, ricks will be attending law school at:


warm weather, here we come! we are so excited. out of all the schools ricks applied to, davis was the last place i thought we would end up... it wasnt even an option to me. but a couple of weeks ago, new rankings came out and davis had jumped to number 23. the ranking didnt really make that big of a difference but it definitely caught our attention and forced us to reconsider davis. now we couldnt be happier to be moving there! we will be living in the bike capitol of the u.s. with one of the worlds best farmers markets, an hour from san francisco and 20 minutes from sacramento. we know that there are great opporunities for us in davis and that we will have a lot of fun living there. we are so excited to get to california!


Megan Boswell said...

Awesome! I'm excited for you guys

William said...

congrats! I am a bit surprised but excited for you guys... We will have to talk more about this when I am down there next week!