March 28, 2011


after much deliberation, the boy and i have finally decided where we will be spending the next three years of our life. this was an extremely hard decision for us and we put a lot of time and thought into making this choice. finally it just came down to what felt the best. so, drumroll please, ricks will be attending law school at:


warm weather, here we come! we are so excited. out of all the schools ricks applied to, davis was the last place i thought we would end up... it wasnt even an option to me. but a couple of weeks ago, new rankings came out and davis had jumped to number 23. the ranking didnt really make that big of a difference but it definitely caught our attention and forced us to reconsider davis. now we couldnt be happier to be moving there! we will be living in the bike capitol of the u.s. with one of the worlds best farmers markets, an hour from san francisco and 20 minutes from sacramento. we know that there are great opporunities for us in davis and that we will have a lot of fun living there. we are so excited to get to california!

March 25, 2011

who wouldnt want a piece of this?

friday was not my day in the kitchen.

normally on fridays i have an 11 o clock class before work at noon. this past friday that class was cancelled so that students could go listen to mark zuckerberg speak.

instead of going to the forum, i chose to stay home and bake a cake for a bridal shower that i was hosting saturday. i was trying to save myself some time saturday morning but it just ended up being a bad idea.

so, after sleeping in and taking my time getting ready, i started baking the cake. apparently my first mistake was to use shortening to grease the bottom of the pan - i have found that shortening usually works like a charm. i believe it to be much better than any cooking spray or flour and butter method. however, for some weird reason it did not work! oh no it did not. i made two cakes and both were absolutely stuck to the bottom of the pan.

so, using my amazing reasoning skills, i decided to cut each cake in half and use a spatula to remove the the cakes from thepans. this worked pretty well, actually. the cakes were just cut in half. nothing that frosting couldnt help! right...

fail #2: 7 minute icing. i dont even know what went wrong here. the icing simply would not thicken. i kept adding powdered sugar but i swear it was getting more and more runny by the minute. between adding cups and cups of powdered sugar i had the grand idea that this frosting should be pink- pink because my friend who is getting married has chosen pink and green as wedding colors- so in went the food coloring.

after continuing to try in vain to get the frosting to thicken, i had a moment of frustration and threw my morals out the window and decided to put the frosting on the cake regardless of its consistency. yes, i decided to put the runny, pink frosting on the cake that had a line running down the middle because i had cut it in half. the end result was ridiculous. the frosting seeped down the middle of the cake, over the edges and everywhere. i was so mad. i may have even screamed a few four letter words.

but then i looked at it the cake a little closer, and realized to my surprise that i had made a cake that perfectly resembled a couple of little butt cheeks. i was still pretty mad but couldnt help laughing a little. i immediately texted the boy. BUTT CAKE. ALL FOR YOU! and then i seriously considered submitting it to cake wrecks.

needless to say, the cake did not go to the shower.

March 24, 2011

my justification for blogging.

i know i just started back in on this whole blog business.
and i know that ive been missing in action the past few weeks, even just after starting.

but, you see, i was trying to decide if i cared enough about blogging to actually be a blogger.
and... i decided that i do care enough to blog!

i am obsessed with my google reader account. like, im constantly checking it.
i love blogs!

and i want to blog, too.

why? i want to meet new people. i want to be writing. i want to learn new things. i want to share/have motivation to learn new things. i want to have fun. and also because everyone else is doing it. just kidding. kind of.

mostly i like blogging because it reminds me to look for the beautiful, funny, and awesome things in life. my favorite part is that it reminds me to be grateful. and so i shall blog.

the end. happy blogging, people!

February 18, 2011

we gots a german here that wants to die for his country. oblige him.

its friday.
friday = slow day at work.
slow day at work = blogging.
fridays are turning into a mystical day of tradition- the tradition of the blog. its like an animalistic instinct to blog when bored. at least after ive exhausted facebook, serious eats, sartorialist, other peoples blogs, and (for any sales).
after that its like i have no other choice but to blog.
cmon. like im really going to do hw. its fridayyyyyy!!

so. guess what. this weekend is a three day weekend.
which means i will be making cookie-stuffed cookies.
i know right?

guess what else. i am 21. whoa.
that happened on tuesday.
we celebrated in style at "utahs ultimate party place."
it is a bouncy gym.
it was also three of my nieces and nephews birthdays this past week.
i allowed them to come to the bouncy gym, too.

also this week:
i celebrated my first ever valentines day with a significant other.
thats right. i have never had a boyfriend, fiance, husband or even a crush to celebrate valentines day with before.
and so, in true form, the boy and i went the romantic route:
we watched the movie that we were watching when we first kissed.

inglourious basterds. sexy.

auf wiedersehen!!!!

February 10, 2011

i really like sugar. it is my friend.

image via.

sooooo.... work is way cool. the most exciting thing that happened today was that i discovered that my computer will automatically create resumes for the professors that i secretary for. WAY COOL.

usually things that are way cool are things that enable me to be more lazy!

second most exciting thing to happen to me at work today: fat eclair.

other cool things are things that enable me to eat sugar!

speaking of sugar. the boy and i are road tripping it to portland in a month.

there is a day where i have 6 hours to do whatever i want. by myself. what??? i already have a plan for those six hours:

first on the intinerary: voodoo doughnuts where i will consume a memphis mafia.

please! let me describe: fried dough with banana chunks and cinnamon sugar covered in a glaze with chocolate frosting, peanut butter, peanuts, and chocolate chips on top!

i am so excited.

next i will visit lush and get a chocolate-honey massage bar because, yes, those exist.

then i might go shopping or whatever.

finally, i will return to the holy ground that is voodoo doughnuts and get a captain my captain doughnut because who doesnt like captain crunch???!!?


February 3, 2011


image via

dearest readers/void/mom/anyone who stumbles across this here blog,

i am back. at a new url. (i know, right?! totally exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!)

i will no longer be posting at mostly because i am no longer a wilson.

i have been busy, you see. i have undergone a radical transformation: like unto a small, helpless caterpiller (a la single girl) i have become a magnificent, fluttering butterfly (a la married woman). ha! not really. i just, ya know, fell in love.

ok, i didnt just fall in love, i like totally fell in love. were talkin head over heels in love, for the most awesome guy everrrr. whch is why i deemed him worthy of my presence for the rest of forever! plus, i want to have his babies.

moral of the story: im finished with wedding planning. i have time to blog. and im back.

let the rejoicing commence.